Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine

The Revolution of dignity won thanks to the courage and sacrifice of millions of Ukrainians. A very important role in our victory was played by those Ukrainian journalists who have helped bring to the world the truth about the Maidan. Sonya Koshkina is one of those journalists. She was on the Maidan during its heaviest and most dramatic days. Her sharp and apt word protected the Maidan as well as the barricades. Today we welcome the result of her work on the most important matter for the whole of Ukraine – a journalistic investigation of the events that took place behind the scenes of the Maidan – in the corridors of power.


Arsen Avakov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

What Sonya did is a big and important thing. At least for the fact that time is running out and leaves in our memory only fragments of some events. Sonya was capable to put together all the facts and memories from that period. Knowing her, I’m sure the book reflects the truth.


Alexander Turchinov, the Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine

The history of the Maidan needs to be covered objectively, because what happened during the revolution affected the fate of our entire country. And not only of Ukraine, but also of Europe and of the world at large. This was an international event and those who were not present at the Maidan, those who will come after us, need to know how it really was. It is important that the first attempt to describe the events on the Maidan was undertaken by the well-known Ukrainian journalist Sonya Koshkina whom I personally respect a lot.


Vladimir Groisman, speaker of the Parliament of Ukraine

I think it is very good that the book on the Maidan was published during this period. It suggests answers to many questions about the events a year ago. I want to see this book making everyone to arrive at their own conclusions about how to live on and how to remember those people who gave their lives for Ukraine.


Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the party «Fatherland»

All of us – the politicians, journalists and the people of Ukraine – live through the same experience of lifetime. By having written a book on the Maidan, Sonya tried to immortalize the best pages of our modern history. I am convinced that with her talent, confidence and even stubbornness, she made her book going down to the history of Ukraine and of the world.


Andriy Sadovy, the Mayor of Lviv

If one does not know their history, one will have no future. Maidan is one of the most heroic chapters of the history of Ukraine. Therefore, many thanks to Sonya for her frankness, candor and love for people. Exactly this we see in her book.


Boris Lozhkin, head of the Presidential Administration

It is important that such books appear that can compete with the western bestsellers. This book deserves to be on sale at any store in any city in the world. And Sonya is a great fellow. Knowing her, I am sure that the book is very good. I will read it at night (laughs – ed.).


Yuri Stets, Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine

I know that this book will generate more questions than answers. It will force to reflect those of my colleagues with whom I am together in power. Sonya made it impossible for those in power to avoid answers to the questions that the book poses. Today the politicians came to the presentation and received autographs from the author. In fact, their verdict was signed: either we give answers to the questions that are in the book, or we will become the second part of this book. I do not like the second option, so I’m going to work … and to encourage my colleagues to do so.


Yuriy Lutsenko, the head of the parliamentary faction “The Block Petra Poroshenko”

I know from the personal experience that one should write without delay. Then the books are honest. Even though they cannot be completely objective, they are certainly interesting. One can skip a few nuances, but it will be a fresh undistorted perspective… I think that Sonya has timely captured the moment when people say what they have actually experienced, and not what they are expected to say.


Max Levin, photographer at the Lb.ua

I think this book is important, because not everyone knows the truth. We often crossed with Sonya on the Maidan. I remember, on the December 18 we stood with her behind the stage and talked. Sonya then said that everything would be fine. That is what happened (laughs – ed.). I hope the same will be with the current war – soon it will be over.


Tetyana Chernovol, journalist, civil activist, and MP, faction «People’s Front»

Sonya has done a right thing. As the precedents show, the history is something which has been written down. Not even what happened in fact, but what has been written. I’m sure Sonya has written the history.


Andriy Shevchenko MP, faction «Fatherland»

What Sonya did is a tremendous thing. I think that anyone who was on the Maidan, one hundred times promised to herself to describe these events… Now I realize that many of the details of the events on the Maidan have been already forgotten and now are very difficult to restore. So I think the book will be actually a monument to the Maidan. This is something that will help it to remain a great historical event. Many things are hidden in the details. From a distance it seems that those events were a great one-time flash. In fact, however, when browsing through the book, one realises how hard those events were, how many fates intertwined there. Each day was uncertain, and every morning you did not know what would happen in half an hour…